IP54 Rainproof SMD Panel LED Light


PL-E60P and PL-E90P are the new family models of PL-E series Panel LED lights, with unique additional IP54 rainproof function, and keep the same light and power performance as PL-E60D and PL-E90D.


The new structure design of PL-E60D and PL-E90D make them work under rain without any protection, IP54 certificated, so that you can set up the lights in the rain for your convenience.


The rainproof feature is reliable at any lighting angle. SWIT also provides IP54 rainproof V-mount batteries (PB-R160S+ & PB-R290S+) to work together with the lights.


As the family member of PL-E series, the PL-E60P/E90P are edge-mounted SMD LED designed, only 21mm thin, while produce nature soft light.

PL-E60P is 60W, 1:1, 1500Lux @ 1 meter; PL-E90P is 90W, 2:1, 2200Lux @ 1 meter.

Color render: CRI 98; TLCI99


The traditional edge mounted LED lights are always not so bright, because half of the light will go to the backside, even if there’s reflection board, there’s still a lot of light lost.

SWIT innovative technology is to add laser dots with calculated spaces on the reflection glass, so that the multi angles of edge light will be converged on the laser dots, and output 90° to the front with minimum light lost. Then the slim edge mounted light can also be high brightness.


PL-E60P / E90P provides with barn door and 40° honeycomb accessories, and portable 3-light kit is available.

Product Details

  • PL-E60P

    60W IP54 waterproof SMD Panel LED Light

    320pcs SMD LEDs, DMX control, 1500Lux@1m bright, 2700K-6500K

  • PL-E90P

    90W IP54 waterproof SMD Panel LED Light

    480pcs SMD LEDs, DMX control, 2200Lux@1m bright, 2700K-6500K


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